Prestashop Approve New User Registrations

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The standard customary process for registration requires a customer to register to your website and start reaping the benefits of a registered user. However, this module takes the process just one step further. Once your customer registers, they await a manual approval guaranteeing you a more authentic and filtered customer base.

If you are interested in monitoring the membership of your website, this module will beyond doubt be of use.

  • Validate new user registrations
  • Provide customizable message on registration form stating approval requirement
  • Send email notifications - 1.7.7.x



Prestashop Approve New User Registrations

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With Prestashop Approve New User Module you can

Exclusive Clientele

Enjoy the possibility of taking control of who qualifies as a member of your website. Create a message that is displayed on your registration form clearly communicating your approval is required to be a member. Utilize this tool to assist in creating a clientele that is best suited for your website.

Customizable Notifications & Email Alerts

Content for email alerts and notifications can be entirely customized. Here are the details of customizable email alerts and notifications,

  • Notification appears after registration form submission
  • Email for the administrator to approve a new registration
  • Email for the customer to inform the requirement of an approval
  • Email for the customer once they have been accepted or declined

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