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The WooCommerce B2B plugin is a single wholesale solution for your B2B or B2C customer groups. This systematic solution is based on a well-thought-out design including 5 of our best-selling plugins integrated with a couple of additional B2B features.
If you would love to acquire the perfect B2B solutions and avoid stand-alone values totaling to nearly $300, then the all-in-one WooCommerce B2B Plugin was made for you.

  • Expand default registration form to include B2B registrations
  • Incorporate extra fields and user role dropdown to default registration form
  • Review and accept new B2B registrations manually
  • Enable default registration fields
  • Conceal categories and products based on user roles
  • Conceal Add-To-Cart and price details
  • Conceal specific products & categories or specific user roles for guest users
  • Insert Add a Quote option to replace previous Add-To-Cart
  • Configure mini-quote dropdown
  • Customize fields in quote form
  • Provide different prices to different user roles
  • Make pricing customer-specific
  • Exempt user roles and specific customers from Tax
  • Restrict user roles for certain payment and/or shipping methods

Compatible with 3.0.0 and above

Powered by Addify

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Detailed Features of WooCommerce B2B

B2B Registrations:

Convert your default registration form to include what you need to provide a complete B2B/ B2C registration form. Add radio buttons, checkboxes, dropdown menus, file upload options and seven other custom fields to draw extra information from B2B/ B2C customers. You can keep the registration form as clean as you like by displaying necessary fields. Manage B2B registration requests by either choosing to manually review and accept or allowing auto-approval.

Detailed Features:

  • Include unlimited necessary extra fields
  • Add fields to signup forms (WordPress and/or WooCommerce)
  • Display field details on “My Account” page and in registration emails
  • Select from 14 field type options
  • Provide selected or all custom fields on order detail page and in order related email
  • Choose to show “user roles” dropdown
  • Include specific or all user roles in dropdown
  • Choose to manually or automatically approve for user roles
  • Approve new user registrations manually
  • Send auto-generated notifications to customers and admin via email
  • Compatible with all third-party user role extensions
  • Insert fields based on user roles
  • Allow default registration fields

Product Visibility by User Roles

Use this plugin to restrict the visibility of products and categories. Each time anyone from your defined specific user roles attempts to access such restricted areas with a direct link, a customized error message will pop-up.  Hide or show products and categories to particular user roles to Improve catalog visibility when you hide or show certain categories or products to certain user roles. You can chose to keep products and categories hidden from visitors that have not logged in as well.

Detailed Features:

  • Conceal products based on user roles
  • Conceal categories based on user roles
  • Conceal both products & categories for guest visitors
  • Redirect restricted users to separate URL or create and display error message

Provide Different Prices to Different User Roles

Role based pricing is a convenient feature with endless pricing possibilities. You can even confine each user role to its own maximum and/or minimum order quantity. WooCommerce B2B allows you to adjust prices in the following ways:

  • Fixed Price
  • Percentage Increase
  • Fixed Increase
  • Percentage Decrease
  • Fixed Decrease

Detailed Features:

  • Regulate pricing based on user roles
  • Apply fixed product price
  • Increase price by fixed or percentage amount
  • Discount price by fixed or percentage amount
  • Modify prices at a product level
  • Create and manage rules to change prices in bulk for specific categories or products
  • Compatible with product variations
  • Apply upper and lower order quantity limits
  • Substitute original price with increased price
  • Strikethrough original price and display a new discounted/special price
  • Configure start and end date (for each price rule)
  • Conceal price and/or Add to Cart for specific user roles and non-logged visitors
  • Substitute price with personalized text
  • Replace Add to Cart with custom URL/button

Insert Add to Quote Option

With B2B customers you will need features that usually are not need for regular customer or visitors. The Add to Quote option is one such feature. This feature hides prices from your defined specific user roles and replace their Add-To-Cart options with a fitting Add to Quote button. Customers can request price estimates and quotes for multiple products.
You can also:

  • Hide prices plus Add-to-Cart buttons for your specified products
  • Set a custom text in place of prices
  • Hide prices for guest visitors and specified user roles
  • Modify quote form fields
  • Scan and review customer submitted quotes from backend

Detailed Features:

  • Design a thorough quotation management system
  • Show Add to Quote for selected products
  • Place Add to Quote for selected user roles and/or guest visitors
  • Replace Add to Cart with Add to Quote or custom URL/button
  • Conceal price, replace with custom text
  • Add several products to quote basket
  • Save products in a mini quote basket similar to a mini cart
  • Alter Quote button text
  • Alter Quote form fields and choose for them to be mandatory or optional
  • Send auto-generated notifications for customers and admin via email
  • Modify quote submission messages
  • Redirect after quote form submission
  • Attach quote to multiple menus
  • Compatible with page builder plugins

Exempt Tax Customers & Roles

You can apply tax exemptions to specific user roles and customers. Once they have been exempted, select automatic tax removal or per order tax removal upon checkout. This is particularly favorable as not all orders of a specific customer are always eligible for exemption.
With this feature you can also display a tax exemption request form on your “My Account” page allowing customers to raise tax exemption requests. Later, your admin can review and accept these requests manually or have it set for auto-approval.
Create a custom message for your checkout page to let eligible customers know that they can claim tax exemptions by submitting a request. You can choose to show this message to all users, including guest visitors, or even specific user roles.

Detailed Features:

  • Permit selected or all user roles to request tax exemption
  • Show tax exemption form on “My Account” page
  • Modify form fields
  • Show request status in “My Account”
  • Review exemption requests from back-office
  • Accept/reject tax exemption requests
  • Apply tax exemption expiry date
  • Email admin when exemption form is submitted
  • Email customer about request status
  • Provide tax exemption detail in customers order detail page, admin order detail page and order email
  • Allow admin to permit tax exemption for selected customers from the back-office ( as in they are not required to
  • submit tax info)
  • Permit guest visitors to claim exemption
  • Personalize notification messages

Restrict Shipping

Take control of managing the selection of shipping methods you offer to your prestigious B2B and B2C customers.

Restrict Payment

You can choose to enable or disable payment methods as you find suitable for your B2B and B2C clientele.

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