Prestashop Choose Customer Groups at Registration

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Enable customers to choose the relevant customer group during registration. Provide them with a standard drop-down list containing customer groups on the registration form, leaving you with only the task of manual or automatic approval.

  • Show a selection of customer groups through a customized drop-down list
  • Add all or limited customer groups to the dropdown
  • Enable auto-approval and manual approval for specific customer groups
  • Email notifications for admin and customers.
  • Deactivate visitors’ login permission until approval or allow them to login with standard customer group
  • Notify customer when they select a customer group that requires manual approval
  • Supports Multilingual and MultiShop - 1.7.7.x



Prestashop Choose Customer Groups at Registration

(2 customer reviews)

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Features of Prestashop Choose Customer Group Module

Display All or Specific Customer Groups

Allow your customer to choose from a selection of customer groups in the form of a concise and clear drop-down. This list can contain particular or all customer groups as defined by you.

Automatic or Manual Approval

This module is adept in its ability to present you with the choice of manual or automatic review of new customer group requests. You can place specific customer groups on manual approval and the others on automatic approval. You can choose to block customer from login or allow them to login with the default customer group until the request customer group is approved.

Email Notifications for Admin & Customers

Store admin and customer can now remain updated regarding the status of the customer group requests through email notifications. The content of these notifications is completely customizable which is based on how much information you prefer to disclose.

  • Email notifications for Admin when any user group approval is pending
  • Email notifications for Customer when the requested user group is pending and then approved

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    Great module great developer .Followed me in all stages of installation and various changes .Recommended .Thanks Addify.
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    Works great, support is very good !