WooCommerce Free Quick View Plugin

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WooCommerce Free Quick View plugin allows users to display product information more conveniently in a quick view popup window. Information such as product name, price, quantity, SKU, category, and description is displayed for shoppers to easily enjoy a quick and clear overview of the product. This plugin will help users to improve the buying experience and boost conversion rates. 

Key Features 

  • Add Quick View option on category pages of your website
  • Set the label for a quick view button and choose its placement 
  • Display product’s information on a quick view popup
  • Set Custom background and text color of quick view button
  • Set different background color on hover of Quick View button
  • Customize colors of quick view popup window and its buttons 

Compatible with 3.0.0 and above

Powered by Addify

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Detailed Features

Fully Customizable Quick View Button

Users of this module get the option to fully customize the quick view button. The button can be placed below the product image, product title, or product price as per users’ choice. You can change the background color of the button, its text color, and the color on the hover. Decide on a text you want to display on the quick view button. 

Choose Various Styling Options

The Quick View popup is fully customizable through simple and straightforward settings. You can choose various styling options such as:

  • Popup window background-color
  • Popup window close button background-color
  • Close button background color on hover
  • Navigation arrows background hover color
  • Navigation arrows hover color

It is the most customizable plugin where users can have full control over the quick view popup. 

Show Selected Product Info in Quick View Pop-up

Traditionally, when any buyer likes a product, they need to visit a product page and return to the shop page again to view other products. WooCommerce Free Quick View plugin enables its users to add a quick view button to products in the store. Buyers are able to see the important product information on the popup without leaving the shop page. Users can choose to customize the information on the popup as desired. Information such as image, price, name, SKU, category, quantity, and add to cart can be customized easily. 

Customer reviews Write Review

  1. 5
    A small pop-up provides all the neccessary information for customer to make a decision and sometimes, customers buy without visiting the product page. WooCommerce free quick view plugin provides great features.
  2. 5
    Pop-up is customizable, the more I discovered about WooCommerce free quick view plugin, the more it impressed me
  3. 5
    WooCommerce free quick view plugin is a super helpful tool for a non-technical guy for me, its integration and use is straightforward
  4. 5
    Been using WooCommerce free quick view plugin for about a month now had some problems in integration but the support team was quick to reply and solve my issue, other wthan that no issues
  5. 5
    Hover action gives a very cool appearance to my store, thanks to WooCommerce free quick view plugin.