Magento 2 Choose Customer Groups at Registration

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Allow B2B customers to select the appropriate user role during registration. By handing them a variety of options from which they can automatically categorize themselves in your database, you can save some time. All you have to do now is either manually review or auto approve the user role allocation request.

  • Customer Display all or specific groups on registration form
  • Enable manual approval for all or specific groups
  • Email notifications for both store admin and customers
  • Customize customer groups in the dropdown title

Community: 2.1 - 2.3.x | Enterprise: 2.1 - 2.3.x



Magento 2 Choose Customer Groups at Registration

(3 customer reviews)

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Features of Magento 2 Choose Customer Group at Registration

Display All or Specific Customer Groups on Signup Form

Keep a crisp and clean dropdown on your registration form, designated to show certain or all customer groups to the relevant visitor. If you would like to assign VIP customer groups, you may continue through the admin panel by following standard Magento2 group allocation steps.

Automatically or Manually Approve New Group Requests

The Magento 2 Customer Group extension enables you to both manually or automatically review and approve new group allocation requests. The admin can also choose to put specific customer groups on manual approval and the rest on auto approval. This extension presents you the power to choose your method of approval for each customer group based on your personal preference.

Email Notifications for Admin & Customers

The extension comes with a built-in email notification feature for both your customers and admin. Customized email notifications will be sent to these recipients in the following scenarios.

  • To Your Administration’s Account
  • When a new user registers and selects a group that you have selected to require manual approval
  • To Your Customer’s Account
  • While informing that their new group allocation request is pending for approval
  • Once request is approved

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  1. 5
    A nice b2b extension, we would like to see the option of adding more dependable fields to each group.
  2. 5
    Works like charm and amazing customer support.
  3. 5
    Amazing plugin and wonderful customer support!