Magento 2 Password Protected Products & Pages

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Password Protect enables you to protect products, pages and categories. If you decide to restrict an area from access, your visitor will be prompted to provide a password to proceed. You can easily restrict categories without affecting the store functionality or how it is seen by the public.

  • Protect products, pages and categories with password
  • Assign multiple passwords for each product, page or category
  • Customize page title, heading and content for restricted area
  • Manage permission for Google to Crawl and Rank Password Protected pages or not

Community: 2.1 - 2.3.x | Enterprise: 2.1 - 2.3.x



Magento 2 Password Protected Products & Pages

(2 customer reviews)

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Features of Magento 2 Password Protected Extension

Password Protect Products, Pages and Categories

After using this extension, your customer will have to provide a password to access any area that you have restricted. Once your user has logged in they will be redirected to a page consisting of the hidden content. In other cases, create restrictions to apply on categories or products.

Add Multiple Access Passwords

The admin has been enabled by this feature to set multiple passwords for the same restricted page, product or category.

Reserve Google Index Permission Rights

Manage the permission you give to Google to crawl through or rank the pages you have password protected.

Benefits of Password Protecting Your Private Pages

  • Private Areas for Specific Customers

  • Completely useful to establish a private page designed to provide product options you choose to preserve from the general public. Likewise, separate pages could be maintained exclusively for unique purchasers from other industries. For example, if you are an active gear provider and providing a special selection to schools or sports clubs, set up a designated protected page separate from your regular visitor.

  • Support B2B Clientele

  • Provide passwords to your approved list of B2B clients, permitting them to explore their password protected page(s) without having to setup a separate wholesale store or website.

  • Cushion Your Work In Progress

  • In case of expansion, there are situations where you might not be willing to go live just yet. Use this extension to allow that cushion for functionality tests on a new element to your website or even a coming soon product line.

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    The support team was fast and addressed my concerns quickly. Recommended!
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    Would be great if we can assign passwords to the specific customer, it would add an extra layer of security.