Prestashop Advanced Product Quantity

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Prestashop Product Quantity module enables you to create customized settings to establish minimum and maximum order quantity limitations for selective or all customer groups. Additionally, utilize the module to produce and display quantity steps conveniently in a predefined dropdown.

This module is definitely a smart way to impose unlimited combinations of quantity limitations to best suit your requirement.

  • Create multiple rules add quantity restriction
  • Allot rules to certain categories or products
  • Impose restrictions on all or selective customer groups
  • Define minimum and maximum quantity limits
  • Assign fixed or interval based quantities
  • Display quantities in dropdown or default quantity box

From V1.7.0.0 to V1.7.7.0



Prestashop Advanced Product Quantity



Detailed Features of Prestashop Product Quantity

Customize Quantity Rules

Create and impose rules to limit customers form purchasing too much or too less of a product based on their customer group with maximum and minimum quantity limits. For instance, you can place minimum quantity limits for your wholesale customer to restrict lossmaking purchases. A simple example of maximum quantity limitation would be when you have a limited supply of a highly-demanded product and you want to limit the number a general customer can take.

Since there is no compulsion as to how and for whom you design the rules for, explore countless possibilities that help you. You can define fixed and interval based quantities creating a list that lifts freedom of choice allowing you to efficiently manage your stock in times of desperate need.

Limit by Products, Categories & Customer Groups

Place quantity limits on specific products and categories. Again having a low inventory obviously is linked to many concerns. Set quantity limits to specific categories or only certain products to stretch minimum stock serving as many customers as possible.

Also, quantity limits can be assigned as per customer groups to effectively limit their orders. For instance, you can place separate limitations on general customers and wholesale customer. As both groups have their own needs and requirements one rule may not suffice for both.

Display Quantity in Dropdown

Give customers the ease of only having to select their preferred quantity from a dropdown you have predefined. The list can be edited at any time so that you can keep the quantity range options up-to-date.

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