B2B Wholesale Quick Order Form

Prestashop B2B Wholesale Quick Order Form

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Give your B2B users a chance to benefit from the one-click buying experience. Prestashop Wholesale Quick Order Form module grants these focused buyers a chance to select products and place orders in bulk with a customized list-view order form.

By adding this module to your collection of handy tools, you will provide your B2B customers with a platform to filter and add products individually or in bulk by comma separate SKUs. Reduce the time they spend buying with this enhanced self-service feature, which means you have secured repeat business on your user-centric website.

  • Creates a separate Quick Order Form
  • Display/Hide products based on particular customer groups
  • Add links automatically to main menu
  • Compatible with mobile devices for on-the-go B2B users
  • Order in bulk with separate SKUs
  • Search and filter products

From V1.6.0.4 to V1.7.6.8


  • Free Installation
  • 1 year free support
  • 30 day money back guarantee

Benefits of Prestashop Wholesale Order Form

  • Search Listed Products

  • The extension supports the user while searching your offered product selection. This smart search brightens up the B2B shopping experience. Your customers are not required to remember the product’s exact name, words entered in the search filed will explore product titles and summaries to find the best match.

  • Bulk Buying by Adding Comma Separate SKUs

  • Allow your B2B customers to purchase in bulk by add comma separate SKUs. Instead of adding products one by one, this tool enables B2B customers to do bulk buying by adding the SKUs from a CSV file.

  • Process Optimization

  • Your customer is empowered to find products easily with the smart search facility. Additionally, customers can add multiple products to their cart directly by listing their SKUs. This efficient shortening of the standard buying process enhances the interaction with your digital store.

Customer reviews Write Review

  1. 5
    The thing that is of the most value to me in the prestashop b2b wholesale quick order form is that buyers can literally add multiple SKUs wehn ordering in bulk, great module.
  2. 5
    Love the prestashop b2b wholesale quick order form, love the csv import feature and love the support as well, recommended
  3. 5
    Was facing some issues with the generated CSVs but the support was quick to respond and fix the issue, runs great now well done Addify.
  4. 5
    Prestashop b2b wholesale quick order from allowed me to hide some of my products from scalpers, good grief!
  5. 5
    Best thing about prestashop b2b wholesale quick order form is the customization options I have for my order forms, highly recommended