Prestashop Free Gifts Module

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The Prestashop Free Gifts Module (Buy X Get Y, BOGO, and more) will enable you to establish precise rules and streamline the free gift offers on your eCommerce website. This module will help you create gifting rules based on specific products, dates, and customer categories. These rules can be time-bound. Increasing customer satisfaction and building brand loyalty will be a breeze with this Free Gifts Module. 

Through this module, you can define the conditions to create multiple rules for offering gifts.

  • Apply rules to specific Customer categories such as Visitor, Guest, or Customer
  • Offer gifts automatically or enable the customer to choose from a grid of gift options
  • Offer gifts on the purchase of any specific product or a group of products.
  • Apply the rule of Buy one Get One (BOGO) on your items
  • Specify the total cart amount required to be eligible for a gift
  • Specify the start and end dates for all rules.
  • Specify the number of items to be offered as gifts for each rule

V1.7.0.0 to V1.7.8.0


  • Free Installation
  • 1 year free support
  • 30 day money back guarantee

Detailed Features

Select Customer Categories:

Gifts can be offered based on Customer categories. These are defined as Visitor, Guest, or Customer. 

  • Guests are neither on the email subscriber list nor are they registered users of the website
  • Visitors have entered their email addresses and are a part of the email subscriber list.
  • Customers are registered users of the website and have signed up with an email address and password

Apply Rule to Specify Products:

Specify the product or group of products that will offer gifts upon purchase through the Buy Products option. The Buy Any or Buy All buy type option enables you to apply the rule on specific products or a group of products. These products when purchased will offer gifts to the customer. This module enables the store to define the number of gifts to be offered to the customer.

Buy X Get Y (BOGO)

The Buy X Get Y (Buy One Get One) Gift Type condition can be activated to establish this rule for specific products or a group of products. The item to be purchased to be eligible for a gift can be defined and the number of gifts to be offered per customer can also be customized. These gifts are automatically added to the cart upon the purchase of products.

Rule's Validity

This condition helps define a free gifts rule based on the total amount amassed by the products in the cart. The rule start and end dates and the number of gifts to be offered on the expenditure of the specified amount can also be defined through this module.

Automatic vs Manual Gifts

The Automatic Gifts and Manual Gifts Gift Type option enables you to offer gifts upon the purchase of a selected product or group of products, customer group, and cart total amount. The number of gift items and the start and end date for the rule can also be defined. 

Automatic Gifts: gift type automatically adds the gift item to the cart upon meeting the conditions for gift eligibility. 

Manual Gifts: gift type displays the gift options available in the form of a grid and allows the user to select a gift to avail of the offer.

Thus the Prestashop Free Gifts – Buy X Get Y, BOGO, and more Module enhances the user experience and builds customer loyalty by offering rewards as gifts upon certain rules and conditions. Automating this system through this module will streamline the process and save the company essential time and effort.

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  1. 5
    Presta free gift module
    This presta free gift module is an amazing module and helped me a lot in times of promotion and special offers.
  2. 5
    Free gift offer
    good module to set free gift offer on set cart limit.
  3. 5
    Promoting sales
    very useful module for promoting sales and buy one get one offers.