PrestaShop Hide Menu Items by Customer Groups

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Prestashop Hide Menu Items module enables you to hide items in your menu based on different customer groups. This tool categorically favors private store owners, B2B sellers and other merchants who want to optimize store visibility according to customer groups.

Promote a healthy User Experience by displaying a customer group appropriate menu designed specifically for the user group in question, from visitors to wholesale or retail.

  • Manage based on rules
  • Conceal menu items from defined customer groups
  • Compatible with multiple stores

From V1.7.0.0 to V1.7.7.0



PrestaShop Hide Menu Items by Customer Groups



Detailed Features of Prestashop Hide Menu Items Module

Conceal Menu Items

The Hide Menu Items module for PrestaShop is perfect for adding to User Experience in terms of individual customer groups. For example, your B2B clients will no longer be shown unnecessary and irrelevant lists of menu items.

Rule Based Management

You can create multiple rules to hide menu items from different customer groups. When creating new rules you will be allowed to:

  • Assign each rule its own Rule Title
  • Set rule priority
    • If you create multiple rules containing settings which overlap one another, this smart feature allows the module to run the rule with highest priorities first
  • Select Customer Groups
  • Select Menu items to hide from Customer Groups
  • Add Menu items (from Design > Theme & Logo > Homepage Configurations)


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