Prestashop Hide Price & Add to Cart Pro

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This module ensures the functionality of hiding the Price and Add to Cart button for customer groups, products and categories. Instead of showing prices, carefully place an image, textbox or any link using, you find relevant.

This clever tactic will coordinate your private sales and stimulate specific users with an appropriate personalized response.

  • Conceal Price and Add to Cart button
  • Choose to apply to selected products and categories
  • Choose to apply to individual customer groups and visitors
  • Use WYSIWYG editor to substitute prices with an image, textbox, contact form or any link
  • Rule-based management
  • Supported by Multilingual and Multishop - 1.7.7.x



Prestashop Hide Price & Add to Cart Pro

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Features of Prestashop Hide Price & Add to Cart

Conceal Prices of Selected Products & Categories

This invaluable module sanctions you the ability to create and apply multiple rules to either hide the Add to cart button or the price of products and categories of your choice. Choose to maintain this arrangement for visitors that are guests or not logged in as well as your registered customer.

Hide Prices for Customer Groups

There are some cases where you might set different prices for each customer group. With this purposefully suitable module will assist in concealing the different prices for each customer group until logged in. For example, this could be easily applied while dealing with both a general and wholesale customer. You have most likely set different prices for each group and concealing the prices from the opposite group might be the best solution for unnecessary confusion.

Customize Response to Hidden Price/Button

This tool will be useful if you plan on hiding the add to cart button or prices from a specific group of customers. Instead of being directly given purchasing options you can ask them to directly call for a personal quote or fill out a form and call them back yourself.

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