Prestashop Hide Price for Not-Logged-In

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This convenient module enables you to hide price and add to cart button for non loggedin users only. You can conceal the prices and add to cart button of specific products and force customers to login or create account.

  • Keep price/add to cart button hidden from unregistered users
  • Replace hidden price and button with image, text or link using a WYSIWYG editor
  • Select appropriate text and background colors to maintain your theme
  • Choose to hide all prices with one click
  • Enable hide options from BackOffice - 1.7.7.x



Prestashop Hide Price for Not-Logged-In

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Advantages of Prestashop Hide Price Until Loggedin

Foster Close Interaction

This is one of the many opportunities to build a profound interaction with your customer. With one-on-one communication the customer can easily understand the details of the product and enjoy the extended air of class and luxury. For, example, a fashion apparel company may hide prices of more expensive and tailored ensembles. Later, they reserve the right to quoting different prices for different customer groups.

Highlight Quality of Product

Sometimes we tend to focus on the right price of things when purchasing from a sea of options and forget to look at what must be taken into account, the quality. A low price definitely will not guarantee the quality of a customer’s purchase. Sometimes by hiding the price, you can direct a customer’s shopping experience to base on the core values of your products instead your set price. Once, they contact for pricing, skilled salesmanship can boost regular shopping and increase the conversion of potential sales.

Confidential from Competition

Every market is built on competing sellers of the same products, another simple yet apparent reason to lose customers. With this module, hide prices from the eyes of the competition, making it a little less hard to compete.

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