Prestashop Private Shop

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Prestashop Private Shop module allows you to restrict the access of your website or sections of it from guest users. You can additionally protect section of your websites to facilitate a unique and private customer base. Produce an impressively exclusive user experience by making your website or specific pages, products and categories available to logged-in users only, furthermore, add another level of privatization by adding password protecting to specific sections and share with VVIP customers only.

Use PrestaShop Private Shop module to privatize your store and encourage exclusivity.

  • Private entire website and exclude specific URLs
  • Apply password protection for certain customer groups to add second level or exclusivity
  • Add password protection to specific products, categories and pages
  • Exclude particular IP addresses and URL
  • Provide custom Sign-in/ Registration form, redirect to another URL or show default Sign-in/ Registration page
  • Allow/ Disallow new user signup
  • Set manual or automatic approval for new registration
  • Define a background video, image or color for Sign-in/ Registration page

From V1.7.0.0 to V1.7.7.0



Prestashop Private Shop



Detailed Features of Prestashop Private Store

Privatize Entire Website

Restrict guest users from pursuing website unless they are logged-in. Your website can maintain an element of exclusivity, which naturally encourages user registrations. You can privatize entire website and exclude specific URLs to keep them visible for guest users.

Add Password Protection:

Inside of privatization the store for logged-in users, you can choose to add password protection to the entire website or specific pages. Alternatively, you can use both private store and password protection features at the same time where the entire website remains hidden for guest users and add password to VVIP product and pages to let the VVIP customers access those using the passwords.
This feature is extremely helpful in a number of everyday situations such as restricting underage access to products. You can also protect your store with a password to facilitate consumers of other segments that may be provided products, offers and information that is not available to unrelated consumer types.

Allow/Disallow New Registration & Validate

This feature enables you to completely eliminate a signup option for you to maintain a completely unique customer base which does not allow signup to the general public.
When new registration is open, you can choose to manually validate new signup requests or put them to auto approval. This benefits in keeping the store exclusive to selected customers only.

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