Prestashop Product Disclaimer

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With the help of this profoundly productive module, drive your customers to agreeing to your provided Terms and Conditions in order to place an order. If you want to ensure communicating transparent Terms and Conditions, this is a simple way to protect your customer and your website.

  • Add multiple Terms and Conditions and attach to relevant products
  • Restrict or display Terms and Conditions according to customer groups
  • Choose to display disclaimer once or every time a customer add product to cart
  • Apply Age verification disclaimer - 1.7.7.x



Prestashop Product Disclaimer

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With Prestashop Product Disclaimer Module You Can

Clear, Concise and Countless

When it comes to Terms & Conditions bringing clarity is of utmost significance, however, a noticeable placement is also quite necessary in avoiding legal disputes. This is why it is absolutely vital that Terms and Conditions be agreed to prior when a customer adds a product to their cart, confirming they are on the same page as you.

Attach to Specific Products and Categories

Some products will require specific Terms and Conditions others may not require so much detail. Create customized templates and apply to specific products and categories or all products and categories depending on your requirement.

Restrict To Customer Groups or Non-Logged In User

The Terms and Conditions can easily be restricted or displayed according to customer groups. It can also be set to either restrict or show Terms and Conditions to user who have not logged in.

Verify Age

Before allowing a customer to proceed to purchase, in case of items which require an age restriction for users, grant them a perfect opportunity to verify their age.

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