PrestaShop Product Sold Count Module

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PrestaShop’s Product Sold Counter is a module that resourcefully showcases popular products by drawing immediate attention to a product’s in-store and online sales count. Display counters on product and listing pages.
Gain maximum conversions and revenue with this simple yet strong module. The user-friendly settings will allow you to foster customer loyalty and trigger more conversions seamlessly.

  • Showcase popular products with collective sales count
  • Add in-store sales to show total sales count (Physical store + Online store)
  • Customize counter color
  • Establish minimum sale quantity for popular products
  • Show counter on product and listing pages
  • Place customized marketing text before or after counter that matches you theme
  • Separate count customization settings for product and listing pages

From V1.7.0.0 to V1.7.7.0



PrestaShop Product Sold Count Module



Benefits of Prestashop Product Sold Count

  • Showcase Popular Products

  • Draw attention to best-selling products to shorten the time a buyer spends while making a purchase decision. You customer benefits from an eye-catching detail that directly implies popularity and indirectly implies quality.

  • Add In-Store Sold Count

  • Give your customers the true picture of a trending product by giving them a visually appealing collective count of a product sold across all buying points. The counter will show in-store and online details as provided in backend. It will show a combined total as soon as your defined minimum sales count has been achieved.

  • Market Product with Focused Statements

  • Apply customized text before or after your sold counter to effectively market a product. Adjust the text color and size to focus your customer’s attention on your marketing phrase. Sample marketing one-liners: Hurry! 10 sold in 1 day Trend Alert! 300 sold last week We’ve sold 100 today. Get yours now!

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