Prestashop Redirect after Registration, Login & Logout

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This Prestashop module will support redirecting your customers to your home page, chosen URL or to the page your customer was previously on before login, logout or registration. It goes as far as to also enable distinct redirects based on customer groups.

Promote better customer experience and raise conversion rates by simply routing your customers to significantly appropriate links.

  • Apply and Remove redirects without difficulty
  • Establish separate redirects for login, logout and registration
  • Create different redirects for every customer group
  • Select an appropriate redirect page from a My accounts, homepage, specific URL or the page the user was on - 1.7.7.x



Prestashop Redirect after Registration, Login & Logout

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Prestashop Redirect after Registration, Login & Logout

Redirect after Registration

If a user has not registered and jumped into browsing they would be required to register before purchasing. You can now choose to redirect them to their previous page as soon as they complete sign up.

Redirect after Login

Suppose a customer begins to browse your products prior to login, they would obviously be prompted to login before they can continue to purchase. Now, instead of routing your user to a ‘my accounts’ page, allow this module to smartly redirect them to carry on uninterrupted shopping.

Redirect after Logout

Ensure a customer focused experience with an effective redirect after logout. Keep your customer engaged and looking forward to their next visit with a redirect to a unique and personalized goodbye or even display new product teasers. A smooth transition will always advocate a user-friendly website leaving you with nothing less of a happy customer.

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