Prestashop Tax Exempt

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Prestashop’s tax exempt module equips you with the ability to tax exempt specific customers and customer groups. Provide a decent tax exemption system to your customer with this incredibly useful and time saving module.

  • Exempt customer groups or specific customer from tax
  • Customize and display tax exemption notice on checkout page
  • Place the tax exemption form on My Accounts page
  • Review requests for tax exemption manually
  • Auto approve specific customer groups (No need to submit tax forms from my account page) - 1.7.7.x



Prestashop Tax Exempt

(2 customer reviews)

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Powerful Features of Prestashop Tax Exempt Module Includes

Exempt Customers or Groups

Once a customer submits a form, you will receive the request for review. It is at your discretion to approve or disapprove any request. There are 2 different ways of providing tax exemption,

  • Tax exemption specific customer groups from back office. Once these customers groups are exempted from tax, they do not need to upload any documents from “My Account” page as they have been granted exemption status by store admin
  • The customer submits the tax exemption request by filling a smart form from “My Account” page. They can upload the tax exemption documents and provide other details necessary to review the request. The admin is notified about the tax exemption request and they approve/disapprove based on available information.

Show Tax Form to Specific Customer Groups

The smart tax exemption form can be hidden or shown to preferred customer groups accordingly. For instance, to avoid numerous unnecessary requests from ineligible general customers, apply settings that allow the tax exemption redirect to be seen by customer groups that would normally justify an approved tax exemption. Manage the options given to you by the module to enable and disable fields or pre-define any supporting file upload types.

Display Tax Exemption Message on Checkout:

With Prestashop Tax Exempt Module, you can show a custom message on checkout page to notify customers that tax exemption is available and if they are eligible they can submit exemption request for approval. You can display this message for visitors, guest and other customer groups.

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