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Prestashop Text Before & After Price Module

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This Prestashop module simplifies the task of adding text before and after the prices mentioned for particular customer groups, products and/or categories. Communicate any important information or offers to your customer by adding short and catchy phrases before, after or both, before and after, the product price. For example, this module can assist in conveying the unit or quantity of a product that the set price will be charged for.

This module is undoubtedly a must have. It helps draw attention to a sales pitch or even push your customer towards impulse buying, both of which boost your conversion rate.


  • Generate multiple rules to add text
  • Place text before, after or, both, before and after price
  • Add text before/after price of particular products and categories
  • Restrict text by customer groups
  • Personalize text and background color

From V1.7.0.0 to V1.7.7.0



Prestashop Text Before & After Price Module



Real Life Scenarios


$1.00 per unit

This clearly explains that the product is charged for a single unit, keeping the statement general

$1.00 per sq. ft.

This clearly explains that the unit for each purchase made

$1.00 per bottle

This clearly explains that the product is charged for a single unit, defining the unit and avoiding generalization

$1.00 with free delivery

Place the focus on “free delivery”, promoting sales through reduction of hassles

$1.00 with free gift

Market products according to your need while advertising irresistible unique offers  

$1.00 only

Promote sales by emphasizing the unbeatable pricing


Buy Now for $1.00

Promote sales by benefiting from the increase of urgency

Starting from $1.00

Show lowest prices to attract more chances of purchase

Limited Time Offer $1.00

Displaying a narrow time window increases the chance of unexpected purchases

Introductory Price $1.00

Promote sales by encouraging anticipation of rise in price

Special price $1

Self-claim the uniqueness of your price

Text-Before & After-Price

Buy it now: $1.00 per sq. m

Create an urgency while communicating the price per unit

Now $5.00 with free gift

Attract attention to the low price and additional benefits

Wow! $5.00 and free returns

Pull excited customers towards the products of your choice

Deal: $5.00 (Limited Time)

Create the need to make the purchase now or never

  • Unit of Measurement

  • Suppose you sell vinyl flooring and apply square feet as the unit of measurement. While using this module, you could easily apply the “sq. ft.” abbreviation denoting that the price applies per square foot.

  • Quick Purchase Decision

  • In some cases, you might have lowered a price for reasons that might benefit you if the sale of the specific product were to increase. Use this tool to lure your customer specifically to the lowered price causing them to buy even when they were not planning on making a purchase. A tactfully placed “Limited Time Offer”, is an appealing text-after-price strategy that plays on customer purchasing psychology.

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