Prestashop Private Products & Category

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Keep specific products, categories & CMS pages restricted to certain customer groups. This module targets to facilitate you in dealing with a variety of B2B customer groups with a hassle-free experience.

  • Restrict selected products, categories and CMS pages
  • Control Catalog visibility with multiple rules for each customer group
  • Control Catalog visibility with multiple rules for each customer group
  • Use WYSIWYG editor to create error message
  • Compatible with Multistore and Multilingual - 1.7.7.x



Prestashop Private Products & Category

(1 customer review)



With Prestashop Private Products & Category Module You Can

Restrict Products, Categories & CMS Pages:

Prestashop hide products module comes with rules based management that allows you to hide products by customer groups and optimize your catalog visibility for B2B and other VIP customers.

Offer Client Exclusivity:

Make it known that specific clients are being dealt with exclusively. Providing them with, for example premium options to choose products that you do not generally offer in your public shop or before an actual launch.

Show Custom Error Message:

To avoid bad user experience, this module comes with a custom error message feature which is displayed a customer tries the restricted product, category or page.

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    I can really recommend this plugin to anyone in need of restricting and hiding categories to certain costumers. I was in need of a little support on it, and the answers on my requests came really fast from their support and with high expertice. The plugin is really easy to install and even easyer to use, i wont hesitate to buy and install on any other shop i make in the future.