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WooCommerce Buy Now Button Plugin

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WooCommerce Quick Buy Now plugin enables buyers to have a fast checkout experience by skipping the cart and heading straight to the checkout page with just a single tap. This feature can be enabled for specific listings or product pages with various customization options. 

Key Features 

  • Enable Quick Buy Now button for specific categories and products
  • Link the button directly to the customer’s cart, checkout page, or custom URL
  • Option to link your products from marketplaces i.e Buy from Amazon, Buy from eBay
  • You can choose to enable/disable the button from listing and product pages
  • Allows replacement of Add to Cart button with Buy Now button
  • Allows customization of the Buy Now button including text and position
  • Include the Buy Now button anywhere with a shortcode

Compatible with Wocommerce Version 3.0.0 or Higher | Wordpress Version 4.0.0 or Higher


  • Free Installation
  • 1 year free support
  • 30 day money back guarantee


Send Customers to Checkout Page With a Click

With WooCommerce Quick Buy Now Button, the checkout process is simplified and you can replace the Add to Cart button with a Buy Now Button to head customers directly to the checkout page. This will benefit you greatly in driving more sales. Additionally, and you can easily customize the text and link for each Buy Now Button. 

Enable Buy Now Button With a Shortcode

Quick Buy Now button for WooCommerce allows users to display Buy Now button anywhere on the website with a shortcode. This enables buyers to have a faster shopping experience as it enables them to land on a specific product page. This plugin enables customization settings for the Buy Now shortcode like:

  • Button link
  • Button text
  • Add to Cart quantity

Redirect Users to External Pages Via Button

The product-specific settings for Buy Now button is suited for situations when the merchants need to redirect users to a third-party platform. In that case, the Buy Now button can be customized to “Buy from Amazon”, “Buy from eBay”, or any other specific to that marketplace. This plugin allows its users to change the button label and ensure correct landing on external products. In short, it allows you to:

  • Improve the text of Buy Now button
  • Choose where to direct shoppers 
    • Cart Page
    • Checkout Page
    • Custom Link
  • Replace Add to Cart with a Buy Now button

Customize Text, Display, & Link of Buy Now Button

WooCommerce plugin for Buy Now button allows some general settings that include:

  • Custom text for Buy Now button
  • Specify redirect location i.e. Cart page, Checkout page, or Custom link
  • Replace Add to Cart with Buy Now button for products
  • Display Add to Cart quantity for Buy Now 
  • Can be enabled/disabled for specific product or listing pages


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