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WooCommerce Cart Plugin

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WooCommerce Cart plugin empowers you to add mini cart dropdown in the menu or anywhere on your store using a shortcode. Enhance the user experience by allowing your customers to edit and update variations from cart page.

WooCommerce cart plugin enables you to show a mini cart dropdown in menu, body, foot or anywhere on your store using a short code. Allow your customers to quickly view items in their basket without leaving the current page.


  • Creates a mini cart dropdown
  • Add dropdown anywhere using short code
  • 3 mini cart templates to choose from
  • Enable customers to update variations in cart
  • Customize mini cart buttons (View Cart & Checkout)



WooCommerce Cart Plugin



Detailed Features of WooCommerce Mini Cart Plugin

Mini cart in menu

You can choose to display mini cart in all or specific menus of your website. You can also hide your theme’s default cart widget if needed.

Add mini cart anywhere using shortcode

You can add menu cart in header, body, footer or anywhere on your website using the shortcode.

Update variations in cart

This WooCommerce Cart plugin comes with a bonus feature that allows your customers to change variation from cart page. Instead of revisiting the product page, they can do it from the cart page without page reloads.

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