WooCommerce custom stock status

WooCommerce Custom Stock Status

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WooCommerce Custom Stock Status Plugin enables you to share precise information about the stock availability of products on category & product pages. The plugin allows custom rules for these statuses to attract customers’ attention. 

Key Features

  • Create multiple stock statuses to show on product & category pages
  • Display stock statuses on products & listing pages at desired positions
  • Restrict stock statuses on the basis of user rules
  • Disable default stock status and replace it with a custom stock status
  • Create meaningful & eye-catching stock statuses by using: 
    • Image
    • Text only
    • Text with date
    • Text with icon
  • Set stock statuses for different quantity ranges
  • Enable customization of stock statuses

Compatible with Wocommerce Version 3.0.0 or Higher | Wordpress Version 4.0.0 or Higher


  • Free Installation
  • 1 year free support
  • 30 day money back guarantee

Detailed Features of WooCommerce Custom Stock Status

Create Multiple & Customized Stock Statuses

WooCommerce Custom Stock Status plugin allows you to display multiple stock statuses to communicate precise information regarding stock availability. There are multiple status types to choose from and can be displayed on products and listing pages. For example,

  • “Running Out” status for a quantity of 1 – 20
  • “Limited Stock” for 21-100
  • “Coming soon on (date)” when the product is out of stock

You can also choose to customize the position of status on the listings page. Additionally, different stock statuses can be created for different quantity ranges. 

Create Stock Statuses for Different Use Cases

This WooCommerce plugin communicates important information about product statuses based on their available stock quantity. This scenario includes:

  • Low stock! Only {stock_qty} left (for a range of 2-20)!
  • Hurry! Last item (when one item is left)!
  • Will be available on June 21st.
  • Coming soon (text or badge).
  • Next-day delivery!

Where {stock_qty} is a variable where you can add the exact quantity left.

Restrict Stock Statuses by User Roles

This plugin enables you to create multiple stock statuses and restrict them to rules-based management. You can choose to restrict the statuses for specific user roles, products, and categories. You can also add multiple messages for different quantity ranges and set priority to manage their display for a single product. 

Select From 4 Types of Stock Messages

WooCommerce plugin for Custom Stock Status allows four types of messages for stock availability. These include:

  • Image only
  • Text only
  • Text with a date
  • Text with an icon

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