WooCommerce Custom User Registration Fields

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Collect additional customer information with custom fields that you can now easily add to your registration form thanks to the Custom User Registration Field plug-in. Help yourself to add multi-select options, dropdowns, checkboxes, dates, file uploads, and more. Add your new field additions to the ‘My Accounts’ page and apply mandatory or optional field settings based on your own requirements.

This plug-in makes getting to know your customer from the minute they register a simple process. Take advantage of the information you collect for analytics and user-based marketing strategies.


  • Incorporate unlimited additional fields from 14 types of fields
  • Display all or chosen custom fields in admin order detail page/ order email
  • Choose to display a dropdown menu for specific or all “User Roles”
  • Apply manual or auto-approval for User Roles
  • Approve new user registrations manually
  • Set auto-generated email notifications for customers and admin
  • Add fields according to User Roles
  • Activate default billing and registration fields
  • Compatible with all third-party User Role extensions
  • Supported by WooCommerce and WordPress forms


  • Free Installation
  • 1 year free support
  • 30 day money back guarantee

Components in Detail

Unlimited Additional Fields

Create numerous combinations of required fields that best suit your requirements, and position them in your own preference of order. With every field created, descriptions, placeholders and labels can also be customized. Select optional and mandatory priority setting for each field as you go. If you would like to keep the data safe from customer-editing, choose to keep the field read-only to avoid any unwanted post- registration alterations.
Remember: Your new fields will be shown your WooCommerce registration form, if Woocommerce is active; if not, the same fields will be shown on a WordPress registration form.

B2B Related Fields

This feature operates similar to a complete B2B registration solution and will allow general and B2B customers to register using a single registration form. Adding fields based on User Roles comes in handy for displaying relevant options that collect information specifically required from certain User Roles.

For example, if you cater to three major users namely, Retail, Wholesale and Company and your customer selects Company as their User Role while registering, they could find two additional fields requiring a Company Name and VAT. Likewise, if a customer selects Retail, they could be asked for Business Name and Address. To avoid troublesome lengthy forms and numerous irrelevant fields, use this plug-in to adjust the registration details.

Custom Field Types

Custom User Registration Fields Plug-in was designed to equip you with 14 field types for efficient and resourceful data collection.

  • Text
  • Text Area
  • Email
  • Select Box
  • Multi-Select Box
  • Checkbox
  • Multi-Checkbox
  • Radio Button
  • Number
  • Password
  • File Upload
  • Color Picker
  • Date Picker (Calendar)
  • Time Picker
  • Google Captcha


Activate Default Fields

WooCommerce, by default, brings 10 billing fields to choose from. This plugin empowers you to activate these fields without anything else.

The default WooCommerce fields include,

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Company
  • Country
  • Street Address
  • Address 2
  • State/County
  • Town/City
  • Postcode/Zipcode
  • Phone

If you activate these fields this smart Plug-In will auto-fill the fields in the billing section in case the customer has provided the same details on the registration form.

As an added bonus, at the time you enable any of the fields above, our accommodating Plug-In allows the following to be customized as well.

  • Field Label
  • Placeholder
  • Field Description/Message
  • Optional or Required
  • Sort Order
  • Field Width

Display Fields on Checkout

You can choose to activate registrations upon checkout. If you do so, your assigned registration fields will be shown on the checkout page in the Account Creation section.
Please Note: There are a few technical limitations involved and we suggest you see our relevant documentation if you are planning to use this feature.

User Roles Dropdown

Provide a User Roles dropdown on your registration form. Give you customer the authority to select an appropriate role during registration for a future customized user-experience. Once again this Plug-in allows you to keep control of how which User Roles you want to provide in the dropdown. Choose to list specific or all user roles. You can also set each user role for manual and auto-approval.

Manual Approval of New Users

Manually approve your new users and facilitate smooth B2B commerce. Customers will remain unable to log in unless you have validated their registration. With this Plug-in you can allow this feature to apply to all or specific user roles according to your main market.

Data Reflected in “My Account”

All data provided on the registration form is reflected on the customer’s “My Account” section. Your store admin can choose to keep fields completely editable or read-only. A read-only option can be useful to prevent customers from making changes to sensitive information or fields that require approval, for example.

View Fields in Admin Panel

A store admin can observe the provided data from the admin dashboard located on the User Detail page. If required, the admin can also edit field data.

Field Data on Order Detail Page
Show custom field data on the admin Order Detail page and , also, in order emails.

Email notifications for admins and customers

Our Plug-In will help you establish automatic email notification settings that send necessary details, to both customers and admin, regarding account approval status.

It offers customizable notifications to update the recipients of the following scenarios:

  • Post-Registration
  • User Registration approval status
  • Attempted Log-In when manual registration validation is pending
  • Account creation when manual approval is mandatory

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  1. 5
    Auto generated emails for registered users is the most impressive feature in Woocommerce custom registeration fields
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    Different fields for different user roles helps differentiating between the customers thanks to Woocommerce custom registeration fields
  3. 5
    To avoid spammers and scalpers I wanted to approve user's registeration manually, Now I am able to do that with the help of Woocommerce custom registeration fields.
  4. 5
    WooCommerce's custom registeration form doesn't allow you to remove/edit or add new fields but Woocommerce custom registeration fields allowed me to do that, great job Addify!
  5. 5
    Was sick and tired of default registeration fields needed extra data from users for marketing purposes, Thanks to Woocommerce custom registeration fields for allowing me to add custom fields