WooCommerce Free Address AutoComplete plugin

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Enhance the checkout experience of your customers using FREE WooCommerce Address AutoComplete plugin. It helps customers to fill in the address and shipping details automatically while placing an order. This easy-to-use extension allows users to sync their WooCommerce store with Google Maps location detector. 

Key Features

  • Enable address autocomplete for billing and/or shipping address
  • Select location through Google Map marker and show a warning when out of the restricted country
  • Enable for all or specific user roles
  • Customizable billing and shipping search field labels

Compatible with 3.0.0 and above

Powered by Addify

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Enable for Billing and Shipping

Often, store owners experience losses due to incorrect address details mentioned by customers resulting in orders being undelivered. It is a common problem that can be tackled using the WooCommerce Address AutoComplete plugin. Once the plugin is enabled, customers will see a field supporting Google API in the billing form. With this, customers will be able to autocomplete the address in a single click. Upon typing the main keywords, it will suggest some relevant addresses in the dropdown menu to choose from. A great extension to reduce cart abandonment and preventing typos. 

Select Countries To Restrict Address AutoComplete

Store owners can choose to restrict address autocomplete for selected countries. Google AutoComplete API will only suggest addresses from restricted regions. WooCommerce Address AutoComplete is fast, helping to reduce checkout time for customers. 

Set Billing/Shipping Search Field Labels

This WooCommerce plugin allows customization, users can change the text of the billing and shipping address fields as they want. Search field label also allows customers to type the addresses in the text field, and address autocomplete will show the entire correct address to customers. Both the shipping and billing addresses can be combined, or separate fields can be disabled. 

Enable Address AutoComplete for User Roles

Help customers checkout faster with WooCommerce Address AutoComplete. Users can choose to enable this option for specific user roles like:

  • Administrator
  • Editor
  • Author
  • Contributor
  • Subscriber
  • Customer
  • Shop Manager
  • Guest

Users can choose to leave the field empty or select for all user roles. 

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  1. 5
    Support has always been an issue with free plugins but not with woocommerce free address auto complete plugin, Addify's support for the plugin has been great
  2. 5
    Such a helping tool for FREE!, Thanks to addify for woocommerce free address auto complete plugin.
  3. 5
    You don't normally see added functionality in free plugins but woocommerce free address auto complete plugin offers restriction of countries to auto complete and much more.
  4. 5
    Google Map pointer is the best option in woocommerce free address auto complete plugin
  5. 5
    Enabling/Disabling according to user roles, such functionality in a free plugin! Addify has impressed me with woocommerce free address auto complete plugin.