WooCommerce Product Visibility by User Roles

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Product Visibility by User Roles is a Plug-In created specifically to conceal entire categories and products for particular User Roles. Manage visibility for multiple User Roles and guest users, and show a personalized error message or redirect to a specific targeted URL when a user tries to access a restricted product or category. Gain the access to control product visibility in your shop, categories and other listing pages. Then personalize Google rank permission settings of restricted pages to revolutionize product visibility management.
This tool is worth considering if you are a merchant providing customized goods, limited delivery locations and serve customers across a broad range of industries.

  • Conceal products by User Role
  • Apply settings to manage product visibility for guest users
  • Manage product visibility in shop, categories and other listing pages
  • Show personalized error message and set targeted redirects
  • Apply Global settings to hide products from registered or non-registered users
  • Personalize Search Engine Crawl/Rank permission settings

compatible with 3.0.0 and above


  • Free Installation
  • 1 year free support
  • 30 day money back guarantee

Detailed Features of Product Visibility By User Roles

Conceal Product by User Role

The Product Visibility by User Role Plug-in presents two catalog visibility management methods, namely, Hide Products and Show (Assign) Products.

  • Hide Products

Use this feature to hide products and categories of your choice from defined User Roles or guest users.
For instance, if you hide a product, A, and a category, B, from General Customer and no other user role. Both A and B will be concealed from General Customer viewing without affecting the availability of the product for viewing by other users.

  • Show (Assign) Products

The “Show” feature can be assigned to products and categories for guest or specific User Roles. Use this feature to limit catalog visibility for User Roles you choose. Now that you have applied this feature, they will not be able to view any other products except those that you have whitelisted.
For instance, if you whitelist product A and category B to Wholesale Customers, both A and B will be shown to Wholesale Customers only. Any other product(s)/categories will no longer be available for their viewing.

Show Personalized Errors and Redirects

While restricting product visibility, effective communication is key. With this Plug-in you are equipped to offer reroute through either a custom redirect URL or a personalized error message. You can personalize User Role appropriate error messages and redirects for various User Roles.

Global Settings for Registered and Non-Registered Users

Global Visibility settings allow you to conceal your complete store or particular products from registered and non-registered users, irrespective of User Roles.
This function can be used simultaneously with the Show (Assign) Products feature discussed above.
For example, if we add on to the example provided in the Show (Assign) Products method, where product A and category B was shown to Wholesale Customers only, and apply Global Visibility. You would then be able to conceal product A and category B from registered and non-registered users. This automatically makes product A and category B exclusive to your Wholesale Customers only.

Search Engine Ranking

You can manage Search Engine Crawl permissions and rank products and categories you have kept hidden are restricted for guest user viewing.

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  1. 5
    Hiding products by customer roles is a great feature in woocommerce product visibility by user roles
  2. 5
    Have been using woocommerce product visibility by user roles since its launch and having no issues so far, highly recommended.
  3. 5
    Just hid some categories and products and disabled crawl on those pages as well, the procedure made simple and easy through woocommerce product visibility by user roles
  4. 5
    Loved the added features like crawl permissions and custom error messages in woocommerce product visibility by user roles
  5. 5
    Ability to conceal products based on registeration status is an excellent feature in woocommerce product visibility by user roles