woocommerce reserve stock plugin

WooCommerce Reserve Stock on Add to Cart

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WooCommerce Reserve Stock Plugin is a real solution to reserve stock for customers while also making stock handling easier for merchants. It allows you to reserve the quantity when the product is added to the cart, hence focusing on keeping the availability of stock quantity correct. It comes with a lot of customizable options.

Key Features

  • Display messages about reserve stock quantity on add to cart
  • Create multiple rules to serve stock for a specific period of time, products, and user roles
  • Multiple messages about reserve stock and customizable options
  • Display reserve message on the cart page and shop page
  • Reserve for specific hours or minutes and automatically remove the product from the cart when the time expires
  • Enable stock reservation for specific user roles like shop manager, customer, and guest, etc. 


Compatible with 3.0.0 and above


  • Free Installation
  • 1 year free support
  • 30 day money back guarantee


Reserve Stock Quantity & Message on Cart Page

WooCommerce Reserve Stock Quantity is a useful plugin allowing stock management easier for e-store handlers. It enables users to reserve the stock quantity when the product is added to the cart allowing time for customers to place the orders accordingly. Shop handlers have the option to put all or specific products on reserve.

Remove Product After Time-Lapsed

The time message on the cart page is updated automatically. Any product on the cart page will be removed automatically when the time has expired. A message will be displayed when the product is removed. Other products will still remain on the cart page till their time expires. 

Enable Stock Reservation for Specific Time, Products, & User Roles

WooCommerce Reserve Stock plugin allows users to reserve all or specific products and categories on the shop page. The stock can be reserved for specific hours or minutes. Similarly, the reservation can be enabled for specific products and user roles. For example, the stock can be reserved for either guest, customer, or shop manager. Different messages about stock reservations can be displayed to user roles. 

Customizable Messages for Reserved Stocks

This plugin features multiple messages with extensive settings to notify customers regarding stock availability and reserve time. There are 8 different messages about reserve stock that can be displayed on the shop page or cart page. There are multiple customizable options for messages that come with the WooCommerce Reserve Stock plugin including message text, color, text size, and placement.

Customer reviews Write Review

  1. 5
    When the customers are updated with quantity in real time the chances of conversion increases, woocommerce reserve stock on add to cart increased my sales by 5%
  2. 5
    Reserving the item is a great concept when a product is less in quantity users can reserve the item for a few seconds so the potential customer is never lost, woocommerce reserve stock on add to cart is a great plugin for my store
  3. 5
    Time limited reserves make customer buy in a hurry, greatest feature in woocommerce reserve stock on add to cart, Job well done Addify
  4. 5
    Great way to identify stock shortages, woocommerce reserve stock on add to cart is a very useful plugin for e-store owners
  5. 5
    Restricting quantity by user roles is an interesting feature inwoocommerce reserve stock on add to cart