WooCommerce Role Based Pricing

WooCommerce Role Based Pricing

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Give your customers an unforgettable pricing experience with the WooCommerce Role Based Pricing Plug-In. The Plug-In allows you to define prices based on specified user roles and even individual customers. Provide discounts or markup prices and apply a fixed or percentage amount to them. These new prices are to only be viewed by the customers and User Roles you permit.

Pricing is a vital factor in any merchant’s business strategy and the Role-Based Pricing Plug-In is built to make it clear and effortless. The Plug-In is packed with features such as rule-based management for targeted price management.


  • Define pricing for particular User Roles and/or customers
  • Establish fixed prices for products
  • Raise prices based on a percentage or fixed amount
  • Decrease prices based on a percentage or fixed amount
  • Alter prices at a product level
  • Add price change for particular products/categories in bulk
  • Compatible with product variations
  • Define upper and lower order quantities
  • Restore original price once price increases
  • Strikethrough original price than display new special price
  • Assign the Start and End date for price rules
  • Conceal Add-to-Cart and price options for non-logged-in User Roles
  • Place custom text in place of price
  • Place new custom button/link in place of Add-to-Cart


  • Free Installation
  • 1 year free support
  • 30 day money back guarantee

Detailed Features of WooCommerce Role Based Pricing

Rule-Based Management

The Plug-In is packed with features such as rule-based management for targeted price management. Change prices for complete categories and selected products in bulk. The Plug-In is complete with upper and lower order quantity settings, take it a step further and restrict customers from exceeding your defined quantity limit.

Pricing on Product Level

Based on customers and User Roles, you can update prices on the product level. These product related settings allow:

  • Set price for each User Role and particular customers (Leave empty to use default price)
  • Alter price for any customer
  • State upper and lower order quantity
  • Assign a fixed/increase/discount price by a fixed or percentage amount

Compatible with Product Variations

This Plug-In can organize separate and individual prices of each variation. Define various prices for various individual customers and User Roles.

In the process of creating a new price rule:

  • Define customers and User Roles individually
  • Define upper and lower maximum order quantity
  • Assign fixed/increase/discount prices by a fixed or percentage amount
  • Choose products and categories in order to apply the new altered price

Hide Price & Add to Cart

Now conceal the price and/or the Add-to-Cart button for specific users and non-logged roles. Hide prices according to specific or all products and categories.

Example of the Rule-Based Feature

  • 50% discount on product category Z
  • 20% discount for specific products
  • 20% markup on product category X
  • 40% discount on product category Z
  • 30% discount on specific products
  • 30% markup on product category X
  • 10% discount for All Products
  • 10% markup for All Products

Here, the Registered Customer can be an individual customer or a specific User Role. Each rule has been designed with further rules that will function in the defined scenario. In addition, you can adjust these price rules to remain simultaneously activated.

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  1. 5
    Hid the price option for non-logged in customers through Woocommerce role based pricing and there are many other additional functions too
  2. 5
    Using Woocommerce role based pricing for ceiling and flooring of quantity to be ordered and so far no issues, Recommended!
  3. 5
    Setting up different prices for different product variants has never been easer, thanks to Woocommerce role based pricing
  4. 5
    Used Woocommerce role based pricing to replace the add to cart button with call for price.
  5. 5
    In my B2B platform, the rates vary according customer groups and Woocommerce role based pricing helped me do that.